Swiss Gear Carry-on Replacement Wheel
Full Name Louis Dionne
Location Canada
SwissLuggage_wheel-2.stl23135 MBon 23/2/15 Download
SwissLuggage_wheel.stl22966 MBon 23/2/15 Download
IMG-20150202-00365.jpg31211.3 MBon 23/2/15 Download
IMG-20150202-00363.jpg29361.2 MBon 23/2/15 Download
IMG-20150202-00364.jpg26571.4 MBon 23/2/15 Download
Replacement wheel for a Swiss Gear piece of personal luggage. Wheel fake tire was completely worn out and luggage butt dragging but rest of luggage was fine. The first version is a simple cylindrical wheel with the cavities for the 2 bearings. The second version feature a tapered wheel that should be better, more of the wheel on the ground and closer to original. Should fit other brands with similar sized wheel as they seem to all use the same bearings. One of the pictures shows the old/original spoked wheel and partial new wheel - print ended with a stuck filament.
Use a Dremel rotary tool and cutting wheel to cut down the tip of the metal pin retaining the wheel and remove the wheel assembly. Print wheel in Black PLA for durability laying on the side. I had it set for 6 layers top/bottom/holes, and 50% fill using 0.25 layers on a 0.5 nozzle. Remove the 2 bearings from the old wheel and put them in the new. Reassemble using an M5x45 bolt with a M5 lock nut with the lock nut on the inside of the luggage case.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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