MatterControl Touch Mount for Rostock Max or Orion Delta
Full Name JJ Johnson
Location United States
Company SeeMeCNC
MCTouch Assembly.jpg193136 kBon 5/3/15 Download
MCT Base Mount.stl1789598 kBon 5/3/15 Download
MCT Arm Top.stl1824553 kBon 5/3/15 Download
MCT Arm Base.stl1804550 kBon 5/3/15 Download
MCT Tablet Mount.stl177593 kBon 5/3/15 Download
MCT Tablet Bumper.stl176473 kBon 5/3/15 Download
20150305_105604.jpg21182.2 MBon 5/3/15 Download
20150305_105550.jpg18932 MBon 5/3/15 Download
20150305_105530.jpg21652.1 MBon 5/3/15 Download
Have a MatterControl Touch and need a great way to attach it to your SeeMeCNC Rostock Max or Orion Delta? Then this is for you. 5 total parts
Base Mount, Arm Top, and Arm Base need to have support added when slicing, Support for the Tablet Mount has been modeled in and is easily removed. The Tablet Bumper is optional, but NinjaFlex Semi-Flex is a perfect material to print the bumper with.
Attribution - Creative Commons
Ned - on 30/3/16
The base fits my Rostock Max v2.
Hornbrook - on 24/12/15
The base does not fit my Rostock Max v2.
koontzrd - on 27/8/15
This printed really well for me with no supports. In addition, I like how you can easily slide the top half off and hold the tablet while you are working on it, and then slide it back in while it prints. The top half of the arm is also just the right length so that you can set the tablet on your work surface.
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