Rostock Max V2 dual extrusion - top mount
Location Saint Cloud MN
top mount.png574121 kBon 9/3/15 Download
double mount2.stl375723 kBon 9/3/15 Download
double mount2a.stl357693 kBon 9/3/15 Download
knob.stl4141.3 MBon 9/3/15 Download
spool guide.stl355333 kBon 9/3/15 Download
spool holders - 0-725 spool shaft-1.stl3502.5 MBon 9/3/15 Download
spool holders - 1-25 spool shaft-1.stl3662.6 MBon 9/3/15 Download
spool holders - 2-05 spool shaft-2.stl3523 MBon 9/3/15 Download
spool holders - spool base-1.stl3462.7 MBon 9/3/15 Download
Here is the dual cold end top mount setup I'm running, one spool on each side - use 6-32 screws and nuts to attach the bases, interchangeable spindles. based off another design I found(don't remember where). 1/8" NPT 4mm fittings for tubes, I run the tubes into the tops above the ezstruders as filament guides - same as bowdens but on the receiving end.
Attribution - Creative Commons
jfettig - on 1/4/15
No, I found a step file on the seemecnc forums.
CupricReki - on 29/3/15
Did you create a solidworks model for the RostockMax V2? Care to share?
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