Trick Laser Rostock Platform LED Light Ring
trick laser rostock platform led light ring.stl673149 kBon 27/5/15 Download
trick laser rostock platform led light ring.rsdoc563175 kBon 27/5/15 Download
Model of the Trick Laser LED Light Ring I.D. = 42 mm O.D. =58.2 mm PCB thickness = 1.6 mm (6) 4.4 mm diameter holes, evenly spaced on 50 mm diameter center line. (6) surface mount bright white LED's 1.5 x 3 x 1.2 tall overall thickness with LED's = 2.8 mm There are 2 resistors and 4 solder pads for power input shown on model. (2) power wires 1.6 mm diameter connect at either pair of solder pads.
Model for reference to Incorporated in your designs. Design Spark Mechanical source file also included.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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