New 3DS Faceplates
Full Name Tomtortoise
Location Connecticut
Company TT3D
3ds faceplate topv1.1.1.stl60637 kBon 7/9/15 Download
3DS Faceplate BOTTOM Scaled.stl91375 kBon 6/9/15 Download
KIMG0072.jpg17161.6 MBon 6/9/15 Download
KIMG0073.jpg17181.6 MBon 6/9/15 Download
KIMG0075.jpg8521.6 MBon 7/9/15 Download
KIMG0074.jpg8101.7 MBon 7/9/15 Download
3D printable faceplates for the New 3DS. These are untested on the New 3DS system as I do not own one yet (can September 25th come faster?) It is a difficult print for ABS as it likes to warp and I do not have PLA so if anyone prints this, please post results, also if you own a New 3DS, I would appreciate if you try these out so i know if I need to modify them. Update #1: The bottom plate has been modeled, thanks to everyone who has downloaded the files, please keep me updated if you print them out and how they fit. (whoops, uploaded a different 3D model as well and for some reason won't delete, just download the one that looks like a faceplate)
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jorythegreat - on 27/2/17
Has this been tested?
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