Enchanted Pumpkin Carriage
Location Providence
2015-10-25 11_50_31-Pumpkin Carriange Assembly - Alibre Design Professional.jpg1329102 kBon 26/10/15 Download
IMG_5663.jpg13013.3 MBon 26/10/15 Download
IMG_5614.jpg13184.3 MBon 26/10/15 Download
IMG_5628.jpg13743.1 MBon 26/10/15 Download
IMG_5630.jpg12953.3 MBon 26/10/15 Download
IMG_5631.jpg12872.9 MBon 26/10/15 Download
IMG_5644.jpg13173.6 MBon 26/10/15 Download
Carriage Chassis Front_Mk2.stl9631.1 MBon 26/10/15 Download
Carriage Wheel.stl985440 kBon 26/10/15 Download
Door_Mk2.stl1001179 kBon 26/10/15 Download
Axle.stl1000136 kBon 26/10/15 Download
Bushing_Back.stl946277 kBon 26/10/15 Download
Bushing_Front.stl968277 kBon 26/10/15 Download
Carriage Arm_Left.stl9711 MBon 26/10/15 Download
Carriage Arm_Right.stl9731 MBon 26/10/15 Download
If you don't have a ferry Godmother like Cinderella did, you can make your own pumpkin carriage, and this one will last all week - not just until midnight. A few 3D printed accessories can turn an ordinary Halloween into and extraordinary pumpkin carving experience..
Most pieces print without support Exceptions are the doorway and window inserts. No special infill, material, or temperature requirements, the one photographed was PLA @ 10% extruded at 230 deg Full Instructions here! http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-an-Enchanted-Pumpkin-Carriage/
Attribution - Creative Commons
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