Pumpkin Template
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This is a simple pumpkin model with a threat at the top and bottom of the pumpkin. The pumpkin is hollow to allow the most generic usage. The model can be adjusted easily by cutting out your favorite face. It is slightly asymmetric so the front part is bigger then the back. Therefor you will have more space for your face, you might want to carve in. It offers a nice start for all your pumpkin-related ideas. I used it in almost all following models. The threats are great for extending the pumpkin. As the halloween contest is about an orion delta printer with 6 inch diameter, I scaled this model to this exact dimensions. Therefor the hollow pumpkin can hold up to 0.6 gallons or 2.2 liter of whatever you want to insert. It also comes with three caps. One simple plain cap you might want to extend for your own ideas. the plain cap is hollow with an inner diameter of 1.4 inches, which is the perfect diameter for tea candles (or the led replicas). This allows you to easily lighten up your pumpkin from inside. The second one has carved in handles for easy closing and opening, for example to exchange the candle or close the pumpkin. The last cap is a handle, which allows you to use the pumpkin as a candy holder or a lantern.
The caps can be printed without support. For the pumpkin unfortunately, support is needed. I took care that the inside-areas are rounded up, so you will need only one hollow cylinder to support the roof of the pumpkin. The rest of the structures should grow smoothly and hold itself. As an alternative, you might cut the pumpkin in half, and print two half-bowl to avoid support material. However, the cut might look ugly and I didn't liked it. Anyway the support will be inside the pumpkin where nobody will look (most likely).
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