Pumpkin Figures
arm-left.stl750697 kBon 28/10/15 Download
arm-right.stl758683 kBon 28/10/15 Download
arm-right-angle.stl746732 kBon 28/10/15 Download
butt.stl774980 kBon 28/10/15 Download
hat-natural.stl692439 kBon 28/10/15 Download
hat-topper.stl760731 kBon 28/10/15 Download
hat-wizard.stl765673 kBon 28/10/15 Download
leg-edge.stl796668 kBon 28/10/15 Download
leg-straight.stl716410 kBon 28/10/15 Download
pumpkin-evil.stl7632 MBon 28/10/15 Download
pumpkin-lol.stl7552 MBon 28/10/15 Download
pumpkins-4some.jpg795206 kBon 28/10/15 Download
pumpkin-symetric.stl7272 MBon 28/10/15 Download
pumpkin-triangle.stl9102 MBon 28/10/15 Download
torso.stl738439 kBon 28/10/15 Download
This pack adds a lot of fun to the pumpkin template pack. It comes with 3 different hats: topper, wizard and the all time favorite natural pumpkin ending, 4 different faces (just as an example. you can make your own one by simply modifying the template) as well as some body parts, allowing your pumpkin to become a proper mannequin. Now your pumpkin can sit on the top of your shelf, cupboards or entrances and look down from the top. Combine them with the alphabet pumpkins to bring in some variety into your message. With the cap from the template pack, you can easily print a holder for your tea lights. Please use a LED powered light, as a normal candle might be too hot for the plastic. If you wonder, if the pumpkin is really able to sit that way: yes, he is. I calculated it through and the center of mass is behind the edge of the knees, exactly at the connection to the ar joint. Unfortunately I can not try it practically because I do not have a printer. But therefor the contest is made for, isn't it? The pumpkins origin from the templates uploaded [http://repables.com/r/664/]. Therefor you can also combine them with the other parts related to this template. For example the alphabet [http://repables.com/r/666/].
The hats are designed with a threat that will fit in the counterpart of the pumpkin. you might want to think about cutting the hats in half for saving support material, even so im sure you wont need any with the right printer settings. However, you will need support for the roof of the pumpkin as well as for the face. If you like, you can slice the pumpkin in the middle and try to print them that way. This should reduce the overall needed support but you have to glue them together properly later on. The body parts are separated into arms, legs, butt and torso. Therefor you will have lots of degrees of freedom to put them together. If you have found the perfect position for the parts, use a tiny little bit of glue to fix the parts.
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