Pumpkin Candy Guillotine
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This guillotine slices your pumpkin, when pulling the trigger. As the pumpkin is hollow, you can add some candy which will fall out immediately. How does it work? Obviously I can not use a real knife. This would be much do dangerous. Therefor you will have to print two parts, which will be attached by using a tiny little release bar, which is pulled out by a release mechanism hidden in the side rails attached to the head. The pumpkin has a cutting in the top, where the "knife" can slide in. The knife is stopped before touching the ground, allowing whatever you filled into the pumpkin to fall out. Might be fun to let the kids pull the trigger to get their candy instead of grabbing it out of a plain bowl, wouldn't it? The pumpkins origin from the templates uploaded [http://repables.com/r/664/] as a 60% scaled model. Therefor you can also combine them with the other parts related to this template. For example the hats. The overall Model has a height of 12 inch, is 4.3 inches width and 4.8 inches deep. With the 60% model size, the pumpkin can hold up to 0.06 gallons or 0.25 liter, which should be enough for some candy.
As with all models I did for the halloween contest, I thought it would be fitting if the model would be printable on the printer in question. Therefor this model is completely printable on a 6 inch diameter build surface. Print out all parts (connector and legs twice) and assemble them as depicted in the explosion image. basically you have to glue the holder (where the knife is going in) push the connectors through the hole and connect the bed with the holder. Glue the ramp on top of the bed. The ramp is needed to level the pumpkin. The pumpkin was designed with an not-narrow bottom so the candy falls out properly. Add the legs and fix them with some glue. Mount the rails on top of the holder (it does not matter on which side the trigger handle goes. It will work on both sides). Slide in the knife bar with the hidden release mechanism first and let the knife slip into the bar. cover everything up with the top bar. Lastly, add the trigger handle to the mounting by pushing the bar through the mounting holes and you are ready to kill some pumpkins. Well, at least almost: you first have to put the pumpkin pieces together, fix them with the release bars, add the bottom cap (with the positioning knob at the downside) and fill the pumpkin with some candy (or other things) and add the top cap. Thanks to the positioning knob at the bottom cap you do not have to play around a lot to find the right position for the pumpkin. Simply let the knob slip in the hole in the ramp. Because it might be dangerous, if the release bars would fall down between the candy, the model contains a mold underneath the bars. If this is not secure enough for you, you can also put a string from the bar to the back part of the pumpkin. Do not attach the string to the frame of the guillotine. Otherwise closing the pumpkin could be real pain when already placed in the guillotine. You might want to print and prepare several pumpkins to easily exchange instead of reassemble and fill them, which might need some time. If you have any trouble with the release mechanism, sand the release bars slightly to adjust the strength needed to pull them off. As always you might need support material for printing the pumpkin. Also the bed should be printed with support. Anyway it is not needed to remove the support, as it will be covered with the ramp. Might save some plastic to not print the whole bed with infill.
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