007 Gun Clipz with Teeth, Strong Grip!
Location Florida
007 Bag Clip.jpg6031.1 MBon 1/11/15 Download
Double Trouble.jpg5781.7 MBon 1/11/15 Download
007 Teeth Open.jpg5411.5 MBon 1/11/15 Download
007gun logo clipz rev 2.0 with teeth R2.stl49789 kBon 1/11/15 Download
This is last clipz I am submitting, use it to seal up bags for all the candy you are taking from your kids tonight! This has teeth added to give it strong gripping power from what ever it will be used to close.
If you over extrude like I tend to do, you might to break open gently. This is designed to need NO SUPPORT, I have no bridging fan and do just fine. If you have a little sag using clipz normally clears it out fine. ENJOY!
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