Tesla Center Console USB-C Converter
Tesla Dock.stl10504.9 MBon 1/11/15 Download
IMG_20151101_085634.jpg1331150 kBon 1/11/15 Download
IMG_20151101_084644.jpg1164175 kBon 1/11/15 Download
IMG_20151101_084743.jpg1119127 kBon 1/11/15 Download
tesla dock.123dx281154 kBon 10/7/16 Download
Update - 7/09/16 I'm uploading the source file so that people can modify it to use a different USB cable. I only request that if you do change it that you share the modified source file and credit me as the original. This is a replacement piece for the USB dock portion of the Tesla Model S center console. The tabs shown in the picture were not needed so I snapped them off and removed them from the model but never took a new picture. It is designed to work with these USB-C Cables: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013RMG5WY
Print out and replace original piece.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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