Captain Rex Snowflake Ornament
Full Name Phillip Briski
Location Elkhart, IN
Company Zion Technologies, Inc./TMP Visual Concepts
Captain Rex Snowflake.stl633715 kBon 30/11/15 Download
Captain Rex Snowflake.png623955 kBon 30/11/15 Download
Captain-Rex-Ornament.png638357 kBon 30/11/15 Download
Captain Rex Ornament generated from paper snowflake images/patterns from Anthony Herrera Designs. Images were take into PhotoShop for black and white image contrast cleanup and exported as PNG's. Black for the background and white for the image. PNG was then taken into MatterControl software, into their IMAGE CONVERTER software.
Have at least 3 solid layers on top and bottom. Scale this STL larger if you have larger than a .35mm nozzle or the details will get lost.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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