IOT Relay bracket
iot_relay_bracket.stl152226 kBon 8/2/16 Download
iot_relay_bracket_fixed.stl153529 kBon 8/2/16 Download
iot_relay_bracket_v2.stl87436 kBon 20/2/16 Download
iot_relay_bracket_v2_fixed.stl109637 kBon 20/2/16 Download
A bracket for the Digital Loggers Inc. IOT Relay, designed to take up to 3 button/wafer head screws in order to secure it. Clips on, very secure. Wide enough that only one is strictly needed, but I recommend two for maximal security. Does not obscure switch or the control wire plug. Includes a Netfabb cloud fixed version, although the original prints fine. Revision two has 11MM pockets, to accommodate normal button head screws, and slightly deeper pockets. It is otherwise identical, and is available in the same pair of STLs.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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