60mm LED ring bracket and layer fan shroud
60mm-ring-bracket.stl1285215 kBon 18/3/16 Download
modified-layer-fan-shroud.stl1202946 kBon 18/3/16 Download
IMG_20160318_134151.jpg1249818 kBon 18/3/16 Download
effector assembly.png1217157 kBon 18/3/16 Download
This bracket attaches a 60mm angel eye LED ring to the bottom of the new Rostock Max V2 ball cup platform. Also needed to modify the layer fan shroud from jjjohnson, http://repables.com/r/621/, to make room for the bracket and LED ring.
Print the LED bracket and fan shroud in ABS. Remove the original layer fan shroud. Snap the LED ring onto the bracket and then attach the bracket to the bottom of the effector platform. Use the same screws used to mount the ball joints to the effector. Thread screws through the bracket holes then the washers and tighten. Put the layer fan into the new shroud and attach.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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