3 Layer Fan for Max Metal Platform
Full Name Michael Escamilla
3_fan_mount.stl277202 kBon 27/4/16 Download
2016-03-05 07.52.01.jpg3073.8 MBon 27/4/16 Download
2016-03-05 07.51.25.jpg2964 MBon 27/4/16 Download
2016-03-05 07.50.37.jpg2374 MBon 27/4/16 Download
2016-02-06 23.00.37.jpg3221.5 MBon 27/4/16 Download
This Layer Fan holder is for 3 - 30MM X 10MM BLOWER FAN. These are the same ones that come with the Rostock Max. The Shape is the same as the Tricklaser Max Metal Platform. I have seen good results with this mount so far. The air doesn't feel to be blowing on the hotend. The height is quite tall, I had to put my standoff on the lathe and trim them down a bit.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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