YJ-Pad wiring block mounting bracket
yj-pad_mount-8020-2012extrusion.stl88410.6 MBon 3/5/16 Download
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Bracket to mount the YJ-Pad wiring block to 8020 brand T-Slot aluminum extrusion. Extrusion #2012 1/2" x 2" used for frame sides of MAX METAL Printer Frame by TrickLaser.com http://www.tricklaser.com/MAX-METAL-Frame-MAXMTLFRM.htm Slots are 1" center to center YJ-Pad by Yellow Jacket Concepts http://www.themakerhive.com/shop/viewitem.php?productid=25
Mount to extrusion with M4 x 8 screws and t-nuts Screws for block to bracket are #4 X 3/8" or M3 x 6 YJ-Pad is awesome! makes wiring easy, no crimping or soldering, uses reliable spring cage connections. Also tap into wiring via the .1" header pins.
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