Rostock Max V2 Lower Alternate Style Replacement Panels
rostock max v2 front lower left panel v2.stl9101.1 MBon 7/8/16 Download
rostock max v2 front lower rear panel v2.stl764323 kBon 7/8/16 Download
rostock max v2 front lower right panel v2.stl9311.1 MBon 7/8/16 Download
These are replacement lower panels with a style that compliments Raymond type enclosure system for a nice finished look. They easily attach and remove. These are large prints but your Rostock Max V2 can handle it! Future enhancements to this design(currently in progress) Stepper motor cooling.
Use 3 outer layers. I used a .6mm nozzle at .4 layer, Black PETG filament and S3D for slicing.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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