E3D Titan Extruder mount for Rostock Max
titan mount.jpg775248 kBon 9/9/16 Download
titan mount.stl705843 kBon 9/9/16 Download
titan mount.iges748174 kBon 9/9/16 Download
Simple adapter to allow an E3D Titan extruder to be mounted in place of an EZStruder on my Rostock Max V2.
Provided the IGES file is you want to tweak the design. Otherwise use the STL. Printed in ABS with 3 perimeters, 0.2 mm layers and 20% fill. Remove the EZStruder and the mounting blocks. Replace with the newly printed mount and follow the instructions provided with the Titan. Note: You'll need to change the extruder motor direction in your firmware. For Repetier set: // set to false/true for normal / inverse direction #define EXT0_INVERSE false And recompile.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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