End stop switch probe bracket for MAX Metal platform
MAX_METAL-probe-endstop-bracket-v3.stl14391.2 MBon 12/1/17 Download
MAX_METAL-probe-endstop-bracket-v3.jpg146559 kBon 12/1/17 Download
20170107_130132.jpg16101.2 MBon 12/1/17 Download
20170107_130912.jpg15541.4 MBon 12/1/17 Download
20170107_130941.jpg1535957 kBon 12/1/17 Download
MAX_METAL-probe-endstop-bracket-v3.f3d16562 MBon 12/1/17 Download
MAX_METAL-probe-endstop-bracket-v3.stp15011.3 MBon 12/1/17 Download
Clips onto the aluminum platform of the MAX Metal printer frame by www.tricklaser.com Use a common end stop micro switch. video of it in action https://youtu.be/XG0vOdTtnMU
Print with ABS or PETG for flexibility and strength. I printed with CF-PETG with no support. Printing with supports will probably make it nicer. Holes and nut traps a for 2-56 screws. Z probe offset is approximately 20 mm in my setup, you will need to measure your exact distance from tip of nozzle to switch trigger height. Used with the awesome dc42 calibration built into the firmware on the Duet electronics. Switch hooks to the E0 end stop connection NOT the dedicated probe connection.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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