Berd Air MAX E3d Titan mount
Full Name Brent Milam
Location Kansas City
bam_e3d_motorspacer.stl355222 kBon 17/1/17 Download
If you are running the Berd Air MAX on a printer with with the E3d Titan extruder, this mount will will work for you, replaces the motor spacer. Depending on your printer calibration, you may need to drill out the hole for the Aluminium tube to fit. It should be tight enough that the tube will be snug and hold itself, if not, you can cut a small piece of the air line to hold it in place. The motor spacer is a popular part to be modded for add ons, if you have one that already is modded and need this added to it, let me know, I can probably help you out.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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