HE280 Fan Shroud 25mm Brian_V
Brian_V-25mm_fan-HE280(rev1).stl9703.3 MBon 9/3/17 Download
Brian_V-25mm_fan-HE280(rev1).jpg98427 kBon 9/3/17 Download
Brian_V-25mm_fan-HE280(rev1).stp898715 kBon 9/3/17 Download
Prototype shroud to re-use the stock v3 "hovercraft" fans with HE280. Drawn in Fusion 360
Have not had time to print and test this yet, but thought I would share it anyways in case somebody wanted to give it a shot? -- update, I printed this and it works well. Seems to have more airflow on part, where you need it.
Attribution - Creative Commons
cyris69 - on 31/1/18
Thanks so much, wish there was more play in how much you can push towards or away from the nozzle but otherwise has mad a night and day difference just using one of these.
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