MAX Metal Frame- FSR Plate Clamp
MAX Metal Frame-FSR Plate clamp-rev2.stl1031017 kB8 months ago Download
MAX Metal Frame-FSR Plate alum corner bracket.stl104973 kB8 months ago Download
MAX Metal Frame-FSR Plate clamp-rev2.stp1042.8 MB8 months ago Download
MAX Metal Frame-FSR Plate clamp-rev2.f3d99901 kB8 months ago Download
trick laser max metal fsr bed mount clamps rev2.jpg711.7 MB8 months ago Download
Retaining clamp plate for FSR Plate and Onyx HPB on MAX Metal Frame. Keeps plate from falling off when transporting printer but still lets bed float free on FSR's. This aluminum corner bracket This FSR plate for Onyx HPB This is printer frame
Designed to print without supports. Printed part fastens to aluminum extrusion corner mount with 10-32 X 3/8" long self tapping screws.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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