Thin Layer Fan Mount For Rostock Max V2
img_20171020_145340.jpeg175127 kBon 20/10/17 Download
img_20171020_145332.jpeg184116 kBon 20/10/17 Download
fanmount.stl177183 kBon 20/10/17 Download
fanmount10th.fcstd158798 kBon 20/10/17 Download
I built and enclosure and had issues with the fans hitting the side. This mount will gain some of the room back. It's designed to blow right to side of the nozzle, so you'll need 3 for full coverage. It slips over the tangs on the effector and clips to the pillars of the hot end mount. It's designed around the following mount, but would work with any that have the right nozzle heigth and pillar diameter.
Creative Commons - GNU GPL
Meeniwo9471 - 5 months ago
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