Puzzle ornament
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This Christmas ornament is printed dissembled. There four parts to it, each interlocking to reach an end product of a sphere shape with the year 2017 on the inside piece. The tabs that hold this into place, hold it in a secure fashion, so that it can be transported or given as a gift. This product has a modernized appeal that looks great on any tree. Merry Christmas!
Here are some detailed step by step instructions on the assembly of this ornament: 1. After you have taken the piece off of the printer, pop out the pieces of the ornament (4) 2. Take the two larger rings and cross them in an X shape and snap then together 3. Put in the medium size piece (the one that has the 2017 on it) on the inside of the X shape you made previous to this. 4. Put the final ring in top of the ornament in the little slots. 5. Your done like a turkey in the oven. Happy Holidays!
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