Domino Accessories
Location Goshen, IN
bridge (7 high).stl127237 kB7 months ago Download
ramp (7 high).stl112884 bytes7 months ago Download
spinner - base.stl119295 kB7 months ago Download
spinner - top.stl118158 kB7 months ago Download
steps (7 high).stl12331 kB7 months ago Download
Accessories to go with your dominoes! Not for playing the regular game, but to make it more fun to set them up and knock them down! Includes a set of 7 steps, a bridge, a ramp and a spinner (5/16" dowel rod required; not included). I'll add more parts as I come up with them.
I'd use a 3D printer to make these, but I'm not your mom - do what you like.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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