Clamp for iPad 4 on a tripod
Full Name Perinski
Location Czech Republic
pic.jpg159320 kBon 20/12/18 Download
pic1.jpg167039 kBon 20/12/18 Download
pic2.jpg159746 kBon 20/12/18 Download
pic3.jpg160469 kBon 20/12/18 Download
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pic8.jpg160951 kBon 20/12/18 Download
pic9.jpg159022 kBon 20/12/18 Download
ipad-holder-top.stl16624.4 MBon 20/12/18 Download
ipad-holder.stl16366.5 MBon 20/12/18 Download
lamb-screw-cap.stl170017 MBon 20/12/18 Download
lamb-screw.stl161318.2 MBon 20/12/18 Download
Threaded-bush.stl165614.1 MBon 20/12/18 Download
Description Having in my arsenal not only one camera for shooting photos and video, the main source of media is the iPad. After all, he is always at hand, and the quality of his camera is excellent, gives a good picture, quickly and quickly. The only drawback in this matter, but for me already in the past, to adapt it for shooting, that is, it is steady and motionless to install for example on the table. It hurts the iPad is unstable on its "Smart Cover". Here the other day my patience has come to an end, and I decided to make a convenient clamp, something like for smartphones that for self use, only with the attachment to a full tripod ... --- --- Links to used tools: Radius meters (set) - Radius meter (R1-6.5) - Radius meter (R7-14.5) - Radius meter (R15-25) - Radius meter (R26-80) - Trimming Knife Scraper NB1100 - Threads Metric and Inch - Probes for measuring gaps - Reamer - Buy & save with CashCack - -- Donate with PayPal ---> Instagram ---> Twitter ---> Pinterest ---> Tingiverse ---> Facebook --->
Attribution - Creative Commons
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