Stencil Printer
Full Name Perinski
Location Czech Republic
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video --->>> All details of the manufacture and use - see the video. Unfortunately the video did not work short :) Materials used: Aluminum Extrusion Profile 20x20 mm - Aluminum corner 20x20 mm - Profile end cap 2020 mm - T-Fastener Sliding Nut M3/M5 - Aluminium Tube Pipe 10x10x1 mm - Aluminium solid round bar rod 5mm - Lubricating Bearing Bushing 4x6x10 mm - Cylindrical position pins 4x30 mm - Galvanized iron sheet 0.8 mm - ??? Springs - Screws/washers лю3/M5 - Set screws - Insert Nuts M3 - Thread Bar M3 - Thread Bar Brass M3 - Strong Round Magnets 10X3 mm Rubber feet 13x10x7 mm - Glue B-7000 - Double-sided Transparent Clear Adhesive Tape 50M 5MM - Tools that helped to complete the project: NOGA deburring tool and Blades - Digital Microscope - Reamers Small - Reamers - Threading Tools - Automatic Center Pin Punch - Digital Vernier Caliper - Drill Bit HSS - Circular Saw Blades - Drill Press Stand - Coordinate Table - Coordinate Table with bearings - HILDA 400W - Scraper - High precision vise - Reflow Solder Oven - Press Pump Bottle - Solder Paste - You can make a printer for any stencil format. I use 190x200 mm. A little later I'll post the source Buy & save with cashback - Donate with PayPal - Instagram - Twitter - Pinterest - Thingiverse - Facebook -
Attribution - Creative Commons
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