Clamp for firmware controllers 4 pins
Full Name Perinski
Location Czech Republic
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Clamp for firmware controllers 4 pins See the video for details: And this video is a demonstration of the work of a teaching device for playing a musical drum. More information about this musical instrument and the project can be found here: Update: In the updated details, I increased the thickness. And also look at the new model for 8 pins: Links to used components: Pogo Pins - Cylindrical-Pin - Mini Screw - Prototype PCB - Spring Contacts - PS: Pogo Pin Connector 4 Pin , with such contacts it will turn out better, probably ... I will try another time ... I did it with those that were available... Links to used tools: NOGA deburring tool and Blades - Polishing Wheel - Drill Bits 50 pcs/Set - USB-UART - Buy & save with CashBack - Donate with PayPal —> Instagram —> Twitter —> Pinterest —> Tingiverse —> Facebook —>
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