v2! E3D v6 integrated top plate for Rostock Max V2
IMG_20160722_210000 (1).jpg231511 kB10 months ago Download
7-15-2016 3-18-57 PM.png32989 kB11 months ago Download
7-15-2016 3-58-25 PM.png328122 kB11 months ago Download
TOP_072016.stl275168 kB11 months ago Download
*V2 updates* Designed to: 1. Reuse the stock fasteners. 2. Reuse the stock bottom plate. 3. Reuse the stock stand offs. 4. Incorporate press-in *6-32* threaded inserts from McMaster P/N *92395A113*, 3 EA. 5. Firmly clamp hot end gland w/ 0.5mm detent features. 6. use nylon cable ties through rib features to retain cables.
Print with 3 layers on all external surfaces. Print w/ intervals of 0.5mm layer height. Install brass inserts from the bottom with the split side facing out. Install a fastener backwards to expand the insert into the part before assembly. Assemble e3d fan assembly oriented over cartridge clamp. Insert assembly with fan facing away from clamp opening, then install to rostock bottom plate w/ original hot end hardware.
Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike
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