STEMFIE construction set sample parts
Full Name Stemfie3D
Location Sweden
stemfie.org_preview_image_sample_parts_(4-3).jpg705219 kBon 21/12/19 Download
stemfie.org_preview_image_sample_parts_buildplate_(4-3).jpg689240 kBon 21/12/19 Download
stemfie.org_quick-print_sample_parts_(shoulder-screw_pin_nut_washers_brace).stl7142.1 MBon 21/12/19 Download
STEMFIE is a 3D-printable construction set you can download and make for free! As a preview, this sample file contains the following standard parts in the STEMFIE mechanical echo system. - Shoulder screw (SPN-SSC-0042) - Cam-locking pin (SPN-PIN-0042) - Free washer (SPN-WSR-0038) - Fixed washer (SPN-WSR-0001) - Threaded nut (SPN-NUT-0001) - Cam-locking nut (SPN-NUT-0018) - Brace plate (SPN-BRC-0003) - URL sign This print typically takes 30 minutes to make on a filament-based 3D printer, consuming little material (less than two metres). Depending on the calibration of your 3D printer, the parts should fit snuggly. The threaded nut should rotate freely onto the shoulder-screw, and the cam-locking nut attaches to the tip of the cam-locking pin, by turning 90 degrees. Stay tuned at to learn more about this project and be the first to know when new files are released in the future. - - - - @Stemfie3D #Stemfie3D #3Dprinting #ConstructionSet #3Dprintable #Toys
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