MicroSD & SD Adapter Card Wallet
Full Name Joel
Location Washington State
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Loved the wallet made by aerobatflyer, but needed it to hold my SD adapter as well. Second ever model, so I'm lowkey proud of the modifications I made. Ask me if you want some other configuration and maybe I'll make it. Modifications: -Added full size SD tray. -Deepened the MicroSD trays, as there was more room due to the thicker SD slot. -Made the MicroSD Cards fit more snugly by bringing the notch further down by 0.9mm.
Printing: Should be obvious how to orient these, but I printed the slider flat, and the case open-side-up. 100% fill because there was basically no difference in time due to the thinness, and they're such fragile parts anyways. Post-Printing: Run the top of the tray over sandpaper a few times to smooth it off checking fit as you go until snug. Shouldn't have any problem with it falling out if you do it properly.
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