Drum for iron cable
Full Name Pavel Samuta
Location Minsk
Company Personal blog of engineer Pavel Samuta
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a part has failed on a working installation, but it takes time to order and receive it, which is often not available. Stopping production and a long wait is not a way out. In addition, non-standard parts are often required that you cannot buy on the market and do not do it yourself. When performing design documentation on a sample, you can make adjustments to the overall design, improving it - modernizing it. Sometimes the customer comes not even with a detail, but with its sketch. This usually happens when the development of a unique product that has never existed before is required. In this case, the performer does much more complex work, without having the original in front of him and creating a drawing from scratch. Often, projects related to repair and design are carried out according to this scheme. They are laborious, but certainly interesting. https://pavel-samuta.livejournal.com/27110.html
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