12-in-1 calibration block
calibration block v1.3 render 2.jpg1051693 kBon 18/3/14 Download
calibration block v1.3.sldprt8614 MBon 18/3/14 Download
calibration block v1.4.stl10332.5 MBon 18/3/14 Download
12 tests on one calibration block. Requires calipers to measure min/ max feature sizes for your printer. Recommended print fill is 5%. Tests: horizontal and vertical hole diameters 3-axis feature minimum feature width test scaling accuracy (via 1/2'' x 1/2'' x 1/2'' cube cutout) rounded feature minimum size fillet minimum size max tower height to diameter ratio Max build hangover angle test (30 - 80 degrees) minimum layer thickness
Attribution - Creative Commons
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