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Full Name Taito 3D Printing
Location 41 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2001
Company Taito 3D Printing
inhaler-full.stl295441 kBon 17/5/23 Download
inhaler-full_preview_featured.jpg28282 kBon 17/5/23 Download
inhaler_5-mins.stl295161 kBon 17/5/23 Download
3D Printed Inhaler Holder I made 2 inhaler canister holders, the first is a regular holder and the second is a miniature 'fast print' inhaler. The fast print inhaler can be made in an emergency, this version takes 5 minutes to make [using low-resolution settings]. I'm working on another version that will take 3 minutes to make.
[1] Full Inhaler: This version is made at a medium resolution [0.27 microns]. [2] Mini Inhaler [fast print]: The mini inhaler is made at low resolution, for a quick print. 0.34 mm [Resolution] 150 mm/s [Extruding] 150 mm/s [Travelling]
Attribution - Creative Commons
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