Maytag 3-13794 Dryer Outlet Duct Grille/Lint Trap Housing
maytag-3-13794.stl646279 kBon 19/5/23 Download
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maytag-3-13794.jpg6611.9 MBon 19/5/23 Download
Part of the inside of my dryer has been broken off, clothes get stuck on it, and coins and other small objects were able to get through and damage the lint trap. This part isn't manufactured anymore, so I used a camera to 3D-scan the existing part to replace just the part that broke.
DO NOT USE PLA, dryers typically run at about 150 degrees fahrenheit, which is above the safe temperature for PLA plastic. Also, please note, this STL file is in *inches*, just a bit over 12.25 inches wide. Some software may need conversion. I removed the part for ease of work and 3D scanning, but you don't need to remove it for this fix. This is not the entire part, but a portion of the part based on a photogrammetry scan. Use this as a template to repair the existing part. There's a bit of extra room behind the grid; between the grid and the lint trap. I recommend extending the bottom and making it flat for a thicker, stronger replacement, and easier print. You can also design legs that go behind the exiting grid for extra strength. My dryer part was missing a few squares of the grid, I cut out more of it to form a rectangular section, then I edited the 3D model to match the same rectangular section. I originally used ABS cement to hold the print to the part, but it wasn't strong enough. I used regular nylon zip-ties instead, and it seems to be fine. Note if using zip-ties; the original plastic is quite brittle, do not use much force or more of it will break off. Also, clothes rub against the outside of this part when the dryer is in use, so don't leave any of the zip-tie heads sticking up for clothes to catch on.
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