Raspberry Pi Case Mod B Rev 2
DSCF1281.jpg951.2 MBon 10/4/14 Download
Bare bones Pi case for the model B (version 2 only guys, ver1 has no fixin holes). No cooling slits to let crap in, Ran unit 24hr's playing AVI's no excessive heating observed except surprisingly on the USB wireless dongle. Included a build plate that would fit 140x140 bed.
Print out a top and bottom (rotate bottom 180deg before slicing). Printed 2 wall's 0.3mm layer height and 30% infill. (my nozzle is set to 0.46mm duno if this matter's) Bottom thing: break off the support peaces (each nut hole and the SD card entrance) Top: run 3.5mm drill through the fastener holes (bottom up) You will need: 2 Off 20mm M3 Hex screws 2 Off M3 Nuts Drop of super glue each corner if needed.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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