Raspberry Pi Case VESA Mount (Quick fit)
vesapimount.stl1049537 kBon 10/4/14 Download
vesa_mount_plate_half_a_mm.stl966347 kBon 10/4/14 Download
dscf1305.jpg11571.2 MBon 10/4/14 Download
VESA mounting plate for my Pi case, with easy release allowing you to remove a peace of pie when peckish. Sorry for the gopping yellow plastic (all I got left .. but good quality) Update .. second stl added with 0.5mm addition gap ( I know he said 1mm but I like tight ) ;)
Print n break off the support material, the latch may need a bit more effort to clean back the support material with a file or sharp craft knife. The mounting holes may need running through with a 4mm drill bit. Printed no support, 2 wall's, 30% infill, 0.3 layer, nozzle is 0.46 on my printer. You will need: 4 Off M4 screws (length to suit application)
Attribution - Creative Commons
rootje - 1 month ago
Creative Commons for gaming also https://trucksimulatorultimat.com/for-pc/?
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