Raspberry Pi Case Stackable
pistackbaseplate.stl1036240 kBon 10/4/14 Download
pistackplateend.stl99869 kBon 10/4/14 Download
pistackplatelinks.stl1005137 kBon 10/4/14 Download
dscf1376.jpg12401.2 MBon 10/4/14 Download
One piece of pie should be enough for any one, well this is for those who ate all the pie's Hah you thought I ran out'a ideas to get rid of all this gopping yellow.
Print base plate and end plate for just 2 pieces of pie If your greedy print the link plates and expand to suit the number of slices of pie required. The thing's slot together before sliding the case in. Hopefully locking them together. No support, 2 wall's, 30% infill, 0.3 layer, nozzle is 0.46 on my printer, I also found that slowing print down prevented curling of the key ways (failing that a touch of filing n super glue might work) BTW the pictures are of straight of the printer (no touch up)
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