NO SUPPORT needed - Roal The Bratty Dragon
Full Name Richard Horne (RichRap)
Location UK
roal_front_display_large_display_large.jpg448823 kBon 30/5/14 Download
roal_left_display_large_display_large.jpg453896 kBon 30/5/14 Download
roal_parts_display_large_display_large.jpg481991 kBon 30/5/14 Download
roal_printed_display_large_display_large.jpg457855 kBon 30/5/14 Download
roal_right_display_large_display_large.jpg419888 kBon 30/5/14 Download
roal_on_printer_display_large_display_large.jpg417701 kBon 30/5/14 Download
roal_5pc_infill_end_display_large_display_large.jpg521638 kBon 30/5/14 Download
roal_5pc_infill_start_display_large_display_large.jpg455664 kBon 30/5/14 Download
roal_back_display_large_display_large.jpg456837 kBon 30/5/14 Download
I love this model, it's nicely detailed and very well made. The original illustration by Splotchyink has a great blue dragon with a pink tummy,I wanted to re-create that in print, so he is sliced and printed then re-assembled. He is printed with Faberdashery PLA - Electric Blue and CHERRY BLOSSOM PINK.
print each section and assemble. This was also a test of hollow printing, one side was printed hollow (0% infill) and the other side was 5% Tummy was printed with 10% infill He is 2 x the original size to show off all that great detail, you may want to scale him back down if you have a smaller print area. You don't need to use any support to print this model. :)
Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons
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