Paper Towel Holder
Full Name Gerrit Coetzee
Location Louisville, KY
Company Repables Inc.
dscf4926.jpg5913 MBon 21/6/14 Download
dscf4925.jpg13422.5 MBon 21/6/14 Download
dscf4924.jpg13702.6 MBon 21/6/14 Download
towelholder.stl1221224 kBon 21/6/14 Download
I needed a paper towel holder for my work bench so I made one that I didn't think was too hideous. This one uses a 1.25in closet dowel rod as its core and #8 screws. There is one screw at an angle for holding the rod in place. Unfortunately one of my late night firmware upgrades threw some of my layers off in the photos.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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