Big SeeMeCNC Vase800
Full Name Steve Wygant
Location Ligonier Indiana
Company SeeMeCNC
big_seemecnc_vase.stl4071.2 MBon 24/8/14 Download
A basic Vase 800 mm tall and about 400mm in diameter at it's widest area. I design this for my first print on 'The PartDaddy' big delta printer. I don't care what anyone does with this file and I don't care about the license attached. There should be a "no license" license, lol. This is "unlicensed" free form art. Do whatever you want with it. I don't care.
For The PartDaddy, my hot end is about 240C, extrusion width 5mm, layer height 2.4mm, speed only 20mm/s. I'm printing with PLA resin pellets and added some green colorant.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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