Beaglebone Black Slim Case
Full Name Ike
Location Wyoming
bbb slim overview 2.jpg492478 kBon 22/9/14 Download
bbbslimcase_base.stl491298 kBon 22/9/14 Download
bbbslimcase_lid.stl476120 kBon 22/9/14 Download
bbb slim front view.jpg491428 kBon 22/9/14 Download
bbb slim end view.jpg492457 kBon 22/9/14 Download
bbb slim parts view.jpg501540 kBon 22/9/14 Download
bbb slim top view.jpg492482 kBon 22/9/14 Download
This is a slim line case for the Beaglebone Black development board. The case was developed to minimize volume while exposing all pin headers and external ports. The case was developed with OpenSCAD and the source code can be found on my github page at The case is complete and fully functional. My goal is to add additional options and accessories to go along with the case which will come at a future date.
The case requires no external hardware. There are several options available in the OpenSCAD file if you would like to modify it. At the top of the source code is an option to print a lid without the pin headers if you so choose. You can fork me on github here:
Creative Commons - GNU GPL
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