Extruder top mount for Rostock MAX
extruderTopMount.stl350918 kBon 30/12/14 Download
IMG_20141230_101249.jpg31721.1 MBon 30/12/14 Download
IMG_20141230_101318.jpg31801.2 MBon 30/12/14 Download
rostockSpoolHolder.stl163577 kBon 4/1/15 Download
ventedFacePlate.stl162793 kBon 4/1/15 Download
IMG_20150104_031648.jpg18451.4 MBon 4/1/15 Download
IMG_20150104_031710.jpg17751.5 MBon 4/1/15 Download
IMG_20150104_031804.jpg17721.3 MBon 4/1/15 Download
IMG_20150104_105220.jpg17671.3 MBon 4/1/15 Download
rostockspoolarm.stl103813 kBon 23/1/15 Download
img_20150123_170428.jpg12041 MBon 23/1/15 Download
img_20150123_170337.jpg11351.1 MBon 23/1/15 Download
The default setup for the Rostock MAX mounts the extruder motor underneath the top plate of the machine. This mount replaces the stock location in favor of mounting above the top plate. This is a far better location in case you have built an enclosure for your build area; the stepper motor will be kept much cooler. Revision A includes models for a spool holder that allows the mounting of an 80mm cooling fan director at the stepper motor, as well as a vented faceplate on the opposite side to help facilitate airflow. I noticed that the new location of the stepper motor interferes with the hanging of some large spools (oops!) so as a temporary band-aid I increased the height of the spool holder by 4mm. This rotates the spool arm just enough to prevent the interference, but expect a revision B at some point in the future with a proper fix. Revision B has arrived! All the files are the same except for the addition of the new spool arm. This spool arm is both higher and longer than stock, so it should handle oversize spools (including the 3lb trimmer line from Amazon) without the stepper motor getting in the way.
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