LED Strip Holder for Orion/Rostock Max
Full Name Brian Boatright
Location United States
2015-01-17_21.32.45__Small__preview_featured.jpg175786 kBon 18/4/15 Download
led_strip_horizontal-extrusion-mount-50mm-wide.stl102524 kBon 18/4/15 Download
Thanks to int2str for making the original that this one model is derived from. I used SpaceClaim to create another model that has a 50mm wide LED strip guide with an extended grip which goes to the full width of the extrusion. There is a 2 degree slant on the grasps to help it hold a position on the extrusion. Also there is a small hole on one grasp for a set screw should you need it. The best fit has been a M5 but it may also work with a M3 socket cap.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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