Vacuum Accessory Holders for Dyson DC59
Full Name Steve Wygant
Location Ligonier Indiana
Company SeeMeCNC
partdaddys dc59 wand wall bracket.stl0249 kBon 10/5/15 Download
partdaddys dc59 wand wall bracket.sldprt0574 kBon 10/5/15 Download
partdaddys_dc59_accessory_holder_rev2.stl0302 kBon 10/5/15 Download
partdaddys_dc59_accessory_holder_rev2.sldprt0645 kBon 10/5/15 Download
partdaddys dc59 accessory holder-sm.jpg0284 kBon 10/5/15 Download
Got a Dyson DC59 cordless vacuum and there wasn't an accessory holder. There a few other designs out there, but I wanted to make my own. One part holds the wand / power sweeper and the other holds the three accessories. See the picture. This is unlicensed work for anyone to do what they want with. It is prior art or similar art, who cares. I don't need a lawyer license to create what I want. I don't care what repables website says, I have made NO choice. Do what you want with this work. :)
Printed on our Orion out of SeeMeCNC ABS at nozzle 228C, bed 100C, hairspray on glass. I did get a little warp, but the business end of these parts is at the top, so I wasn't concerned or I would have added a brim or re-coated the glass.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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