Tubing Cutter - One Piece Guillotine
Full Name Jim
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Company yeah right
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I made this tubing cutter for cutting aquarium tubing and bowden tubes. I like several of the designs that are out there, but I didn't like that many of them use screws and springs that you have to source and assemble. This one is a single piece that just guides the blade. It uses standard single edged blades like you find in scrapers (i.e. not a razor knife or box cutter). It's also got a V shaped anvil so that you can use it on multiple diameters of tubing. Be careful with razor blades!
Print and profit.
Attribution - Creative Commons
gwlinn - on 11/8/19
Thanks for this. I've seen a lot of cutters, but, they seem too complicated, especially for limited or "one time" use. Your's printed fine and did the job I needed. I could have afforded to buy a "professional" version, but, I like that yours was smaller and worked where I needed.
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