minion-pumpkin.jpg92691 kBon 30/10/15 Download
explosion.jpg78967 kBon 31/10/15 Download
arm-left.stl78968 kBon 30/10/15 Download
arm-right.stl79065 kBon 30/10/15 Download
braces.stl79345 kBon 30/10/15 Download
foot-left.stl77552 kBon 30/10/15 Download
foot-right.stl82852 kBon 30/10/15 Download
hand.stl73089 kBon 30/10/15 Download
pants.stl747336 kBon 30/10/15 Download
pumpkin-bottom.stl8151.3 MBon 30/10/15 Download
pumpkin-top.stl8071.2 MBon 30/10/15 Download
binocular.stl773221 kBon 30/10/15 Download
button.stl78033 kBon 30/10/15 Download
This halloween-themed minion was ment to be another part mainly made from the template. As it turned out, minions have some realy special figure that does not work well with pumpkins. Therefor I ended up redesigning everything. However here comes my TicTac shaped pumpkin in a minion costume for your pleasure. As always, the model is designed to work with the printer in question for this contest, so the maximum diameter (of the pants) is 14 inch.
The small parts can be printed without support. only the pumpkins half-bowls might need support in the center part as well as for the face. Also the glasses will need support. After printing, simply put together all parts. The buttons also function to hold the pants, the straps as well as the pumpkin bowls at place. the hands have to be glued to the arms and then can be put as well as the shoes in the fitting holes. What you will need to complete the model is a black rubber band (up to 10mm width) to attach the glasses properly.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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