Rostock Max Effector Platform - Fan Shroud Combo
Full Name Jim
Location SeeMe Territory
Company yeah right
effector duct v2.stl4702.7 MBon 2/12/15 Download
01 - v7vblpu.jpg559614 kBon 2/12/15 Download
02 - tlxhxdj.jpg549545 kBon 2/12/15 Download
03 - aswd1tk.jpg556425 kBon 2/12/15 Download
04 - eosedwi.jpg572610 kBon 2/12/15 Download
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06 - 3m6zez2.jpg494614 kBon 2/12/15 Download
07 - uyjinbx.jpg493809 kBon 2/12/15 Download
08 - ubxewrn.jpg522580 kBon 2/12/15 Download
09 - wfsaaj4.jpg668631 kBon 2/12/15 Download
10 - peujdev.jpg525629 kBon 2/12/15 Download
I designed this effector platform to hold three 30x10mm blower fans. The part is hollow on the inside and has a round opening on the bottom that's aimed to blow air on your part but not your hot-end. The mechanical dimensions are the same as the SeeMeCNC platforms, the axle grooves also fit Trick Laser carbon fiber arms, and while I don't have a way to test the fit - I've included screw holes that should match up with the new ball and socket style arms from SeeMe.
Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons
DeltaCon - on 3/2/16
Yeah, genius! If printed in ABS, is this really stiff enough to do not too slow prints? I can imagine that ABS is a bit less stiff than the standard molded effector.
ZionPhil - on 3/12/15
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