Berd-Air clip for 713 maker mount plate
713maker_compatible_berd-air_clip.stl247714 kBon 20/2/16 Download
713maker_compatible_berd-air_clip_fixed.stl251020 kBon 20/2/16 Download
713maker_compatible_berd-air_clip_v2_fixed.stl121 kBon 21/2/16 Download
713maker_compatible_berd-air_clip_v2.stl119 kBon 21/2/16 Download
It's a tight fit, but it will go over the wire loop, and screw in with the provided screws. As usual for me, both original and Netfabbed STL's are available. Has been tested (only a little so far), and uses the clip geometry from Dan's design. ( A concern is that it seems to hold it fairly loosely. I may add a little pillar for a second clip location. EDIT: I got bored, and decided to both make it thinner, which will make it easier to install, and add that second clip location.
Print, then ream screw holes with 1/8th IN drill bit. Remove groove mount from printer. Loosen all 3 mounting screws for lock ring, completely removing two, along the counter-clockwise side of the wire loop. Restart the two screws, and then tighten. Bend Berd-air to needed dimensions, then slip into clip. Re-install groove mount onto effector.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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