Dial Indicator mount for Rostock
Full Name Con Hennekens
Location Wessem NL
Company Simply Sign
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Loosely based on http://repables.com/r/344/ from jjjohnson I made this dial indicator mount as my first ever sketchup object. So it is realy simple in design, but pretty effective ;-) I made my own design instead of jjjohnsons mainly because the butterfly-style wings do not play very nicely with the standard effector of the Rostock, and because the shaft of my dial indicator did not fit. The screw positions are taken from the example and fit perfectly. The shaft diameter of my cheap Chines indicator is 8mm and fits snuggly through this mount. I ordered my dial indicator through ebay: http://www.ebay.nl/itm/0-12-7mm-0-5inch-0-01mm-Digital-Dial-Indicator-Electronic-Dial-Gauge-New-/231411620732?
Print in any material you like. Cut thread for the screws you are going to use. I used M4 thread and the same screws that I use for mounting the hotend.
Attribution - Creative Commons
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